I highly recommend for all tea lovers out there. Tastes like heaven and helps with weight loss, bloating and makes your skin feel good. 
Thanks for this amazing detox tea, has reduced my bloating and makes me feel fresh! Bali body here I come :) #teafourme
I was searching for a weight loss tea and found Tea Four Me to be the best detox tea in the market. My skin feels better, i'm less bloated and have so much more energy each day. 
My results have been incredible. I have lost 5kg over the past 2 months, Tea Four Me detox tea. It is the best weight loss tea. It doesn't give you stomach cramps like all the other weight loss teas.
Tea Four Me is the best detox tea. I was looking for a weight loss tea that used green tea for weight loss. It really kick started my journey to losing 5kg. Can't wait to receive my next order. 
There are so many skinny detox tea products but I found Tea Four Me to be the best detox tea. I love it because it is an organic detox tea and it uses green tea for weight loss as well as many other ingredients. 
If you want a weight loss tea this is the best you will find. It’s an organic detox tea that is so much better than the skinny detox tea products out there. My bloated feeling is finally gone. Thanks Tea Four Me
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